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Driving from New York to Florida – A Step-by-Step

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Looking at a mapquest directionsand considering our destinations is how we begin a road trip plan since we enjoy adding new states to our 50 States Challenge. The travel time has been divided into two driving days and one overnight stop. Day one of your journey begins in New York and ends in Fayetteville, North Carolina, traveling via the most crowded section of Interstate 95 through northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. After a lengthy, flat trip through North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, you arrive in Florida on day two. By the end of this second day, you can easily go to central and northern Florida. The mileage calculations for this route are based on a trip from the New York metropolitan area to Jacksonville, Florida. Mileage estimates for locations further south are included below.

Day 1: Stops for lunch and dinner are planned on the way from New York to Fayetteville, North Carolina. Take into account a couple extra pauses for restroom breaks.

1. Leave your house by about 10 a.m. By doing this, you'll be able to navigate the Washington, D.C. region before the afternoon traffic jam.

2. The Delaware Welcome Center lies between miles 3 and 1, or 130 miles into the journey, if you feel like making a pit stop.

3. Purchase lunch. Since you'll be stopping for a little while longer at dinner, I advise doing something quick. Maryland's Exits 77–67 offer a wide range of choices.

4. Adhere to the instructions for 895-South and the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel after entering Maryland.

The Star Spangled Banner will be sung with the phrase „And the home of the brave“ if you begin singing it as you enter the tunnel. shortly before you exit (assuming there isn't any traffic). Always effective!

5. Stop for dinner after passing through Washington, D.C. At exit 78 in Richmond are Buzz and Ned's Barbeque and Restaurant 64. There are a variety of fast food restaurants along all the neighboring exits if you don't feel like stopping for a longer period of time. About 336 miles into the journey is Richmond. From here, it is 210 miles to Fayetteville, North Carolina, where you will spend the night.

6. Resuming your travels. Put a movie on for the kids after roughly an hour. Day Two: From Fayetteville, North Carolina, to Jacksonville, Florida, and beyond! Consume breakfast. Always check to see if the cost of your stay includes a breakfast buffet, which is frequently offered by the larger hotel chains. Do the math if there is a breakfast surcharge.

2. Get moving! If Jacksonville is your final destination, you won't have as far to travel today; however, if you're going to Orlando or other southern destinations, you'll need to add on additional 150+ miles because Florida is a Lengthy state. The previous time we made this route, I arrived in Jacksonville during Friday afternoon rush hour, and 95 South was a parking lot for about 15 miles. Make appropriate preparations and get there as soon as possible in the morning.

3. Florence, South Carolina (exits 164 & 160 – roughly 90 miles south of Fayetteville), Santee, South Carolina (exit 98 – roughly 150 miles south of Fayetteville), and Walterboro, South Carolina are good locations to stop for fuel on the first leg of the drive today (exit 57 – approximately 195 miles south of Fayetteville).

4. You are approximately 200 miles north of Jacksonville once you pass Walterboro. Pooler (exit 102, just north of Savannah), Richmond Hill (exit 87), Brunswick (exit 36), and Kingsland (exit 3) are all well-stocked with services along the route in Georgia. You'll cross the Florida State Border just south of Kingsland.

5. The Florida State Border – The Florida Welcome Center can be found about two miles after crossing the state line into Florida. It is approximately south of exit 380, right on 95.


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