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The theory test consists of 26 computerized questions, time: 30 minutes with successful candidates needing to score a minimum of 22 correct answers to pass. The candidate is automatically eliminated if 5 wrong answers are given. In total, at the national level, only 34.5% of them managed to get their driving license from the first try! Botosani leads the top of the counties with the best passing rate of the driving test „from the first“, with 51.49%, followed in the top five by Braila (49.15%), Alba (47.83%) , Suceava (46.38%) and Valcea (45.81%). At the opposite pole, the counties with the lowest passability are Iasi (the lowest passability „from the first“, of 19.95%), Arges (22.85%), Mures (24.34%), Vrancea (25.55 %) and Timis (25.62%). Odds are against you! For authenticity, during the computerized examination, the candidate is photographed three times and these pictures are later used as evidence that the person present at the road test is the same person as the one who was present at the theory test.

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